5 Phrases The Happiest Couples Say

There are a few phrases that, when sincerely used, help strengthen and grow relationships and marriages. These simple phrases may not seem like much, but they truly lead to a better life for both you and your significant other. I recently came across this article that discusses five phrases the happiest couples use to stay crazy in love, listed below:

1) We Can Work It Out

Numerous studies have shown a positive correlation between marital happiness and how often couples refer to themselves as “we.” This probably does not come as much of a surprise, because seeing yourself as a team makes you more likely to cope well with the everyday problems that couple will inevitably encounter. This team spirit leads to more cooperation, fewer disagreements, and resolving issues more quickly.

2) I Hear What You Are Saying

Humans long to be heard and understood. This idea is especially important when it comes to relationships. When one does not feel heard or understood, they tend to not feel important, valued, or connected to the other party. This does not mean that you need to agree with what the other person is saying. It simply means that you at least listen to your partner with an open mind. When you listen to what your significant other is saying, they are more likely to share their innermost thoughts and feelings, leading to a stronger bond.

3) I’m Crazy About You

All too often, couples keep their nice thoughts about their significant other to themselves. You forget how important it is for your significant others to hear about how smart, charming, attractive, or important they are to you. These constant reminders from the person that matters most keeps spirits high and his connection to you closer than ever.

4) Wow, Thank You!

Couples in the strongest and happiest relationships make it a point to acknowledge all the little things that their significant other does to make their life easier or better. This includes anything from making your favorite meal to picking up dry cleaning. Adding “Wow!” to the phrase only helps to emphasis these feelings of importance and appreciation.

5) Go For It!
Research shows that couples who serve as cheerleaders for one another are not only more optimistic about life and love, but are far more likely to live happily ever after. A significant other that is there to support you with your decisions and push you to take on life’s challenges is incredibly valuable.


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