5 Phrases to Encourage Your Husband

As a husband, your role is to serve your family with deep love and tenderness, yet figuring out how to do that can prove difficult.  And often-times, what a wife says and how she responds to her husband can make all the difference in regards to how effectively he can treat her with the love and tenderness that she deserves.  I recently came across an article that discusses five phrases that wives can say to “deeply” encourage their husbands, listed below:

1. “I trust you”: When two spouses are in the continuum of day-to-day life, the big picture can become much harder to see.  When you’re knee-deep in bills, work and children, things can get frustrating.  As a husband, it’s part of your job to understand and sympathize with your wife.  This is where words mean so much: when things get particularly hard, simply saying “I trust you” can make all the difference.  When a wife tells her husband that she trusts him, it gives him a special degree of confidence like no other.

2. “I believe in you”: Anybody in the world can tell you that they believe in you, but hearing it from your wife means something special.  Your wife knows you better than anybody else, and sees in you what nobody else can; if anybody can be accurately critical, then it’s your wife.

3. “I’m with you”: Since Adam and Eve, husbands have longed for the partnership and complicity of their wives.  When a wife says to her husband, “I’m with you”, it’s enough to make him want to break out in song.

4. “I desire you”: While ladies get a lot of “press” for wanting to be desired and pursued, most men want that just as badly.  Men want to be attractive to their spouses or significant others.  They want their women to think that they’re strong, handsome and charming.  Even as you’ve been married for 10+ years, being able to make your wife swoon is a great sign of a great marriage.

5. “I know you’re not perfect, but I love you anyway”: When a wife recognizes her husband’s faults, but still loves him (and vice versa), then that’s pure grace.  When a wife tells her husband that she still loves him in spite of (or even because of) his faults, then it disarms his defenses and helps build up his strength in a truly remarkable way.


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