Dating with a Budget

Part of entering into a committed relationship means that finances are going to be a shared responsibility. Once you’ve decided to have the money talk, you may discover that a few adjustments may need to be made. So just how do you continue a special relationship with the one without burdening it with financial austerity? Turns out that scaling back, paying off debt, and giving your life some semblance of order can be a fun exercise in creative bonding. Now, check out these inexpensive date ideas that will make any day with your spouse special.

Autumn Picnic

This fall, try this spin on the traditional picnic. Of course food will be there, but really, it’s all about the atmosphere. Focus on the crisp air, the colorful foliage, and the passing of time. For snacks, make it more of a leisurely munching session. Bring a thermos of warm cider, a couple pumpkin spiced donuts, and maybe some roasted pumpkin seeds.

Drive-in Movie

After your picnic, you may see the sun setting. Though it’s getting dark– it’s still pretty early on in the evening! If you want to keep the good times going, see if your town offers any locations for a drive-in movie. You’ll get a great seat, not worry about craning your neck, and enjoy an overall throwback vibe with the one you love.

Book Club for Two

Make it a date at the local library and grab the book you want to read. While you’re there you may want to snag some new music or a DVD of an old favorite. After you read the book, next weekend you will be ready to have a nice night in and discuss the text at length. Hooray for the exchange of ideas via mini-symposiums!

Learn a New Skill

This requires a healthy amount of mental investment, but it could pay off in the long run, depending on what you learn. If you want to take up the fundamentals of a trade like carpentry, plumbing, or electrical work, you may save yourself in repairman billing costs. Or, you could try out a skill like coding. Many websites, such as Codecademy and Khan Academy, offer coding classes for free. It could be the beginnings of a promotion or a job change. And even if you don’t work in a related field, it will still keep you technologically relevant! Of course, the learning itself doesn’t have to be rigorous– learn some DIY hacks, and let your creative side run wild.


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